Welcome to Blue Moon Haunted History Tours!

Welcome to Blue Moon Haunted History Tours. We have been proudly scaring the public since 2002! Over the years we have hosted several different haunted history walking tours, carriage rides, hearse tours, ghost hunts, spooky mansion tours, scary slumber parties, cemetery crawls, and the annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention. Owner Stephanie Waters is also a writer with four books for the The History Press, and is currently writing "Ghosts Legends and Lore of the Rockies" for Schiffer Publishing. 
Most of our walking tours are in Manitou Springs, Colorado which has long been known as a spiritual sanctuary for the Native American Indians. Warring tribes knew to put down their weapons and wipe off their warpaint before entering the valley as the land was considered sacred. Especially beguiling were the many mineral springs which flowed from Fountain and Ruxton creeks. The mineral waters were well known for their medicinal properties and several tribes made pilgrimages to the bathing pools. After the Victorians arrived in Manitou they built pagodas over the sacred mineral pools and began bottling and selling water to tourists. Legends tell that the Native Americans cursed the town of Manitou, and that is just one reason why it is haunted. By 1900 thousands of tuberculosis patients flocked to Manitou Springs seeking the cure. The sanitarium was overcrowded so a tent city was built around it. Hundreds of patients died on the land now known as haunted hill and apparitions are regularly seen lurking near the old hospital now known as Miramont Castle. You will learn about the towns most famous ghost, and why she still haunts Red Mountain and Red Stone Castle, also known as Frankenstein Castle. Want to hear more? Book a tour through this website!

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We can't take reservation requests more than 2 weeks in advance , unless big groups. We don't do many walking tours in October because we focus on our special Halloween events like haunted cemetery crawls. Please check back October 1, for Halloween Events.